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“Our advice and experience in Sports Law is unsurpassed”
Paul Horvath, Principal Lawyer

Sports Lawyer is a boutique sports law firm that provides legal advice and representation to clients within the sporting industry and for any other sports related matters. 

The firm also branches into various other fields such as employment law and criminal law through PH Solicitor.

We pride ourselves on providing prompt, accessible and personal services for our clients.  We have received many awards including the Paul Trisley ANZSLA Award for excellence in publication of a sports law paper.  Work we have done has included disciplinary tribunal work (including seeking injunctive relief before the courts where necessary); reviewing or drawing up constitutions of sporting organisations; advising on all aspects of anti-doping laws for commercial events or for individual clients; advising on employment contracts from an employer or employee perspective; and representing clients before the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

With over 18 years of experience and practice we have taken on not only national cases but also international challenges within the sporting industry.

Clients the firm has represented and/or advised include:

  • Richmond Football Club;
  • Western Region Football League;
  • Football Federation Victoria;
  • Athletics Australia;
  • AFL players (numerous, from clubs including Geelong, Richmond, Hawthorn, Essendon);
  • Alberton Football League (Victoria);
  • Mikhaylo Zubkov (Ukranian swim coach from 2007 Melbourne World Swim Championships – allegedly struck daughter) – Paul Horvath of SportsLawyer travelled to Switzerland to successfully overturn a lifetime ban imposed in Melbourne on the coach.

“Our experience with Paul Horvath has been extremely positive. Not only is Paul’s advice pragmatic and commercial, but it is based on a comprehensive understanding of the issues which affect our organisation. His dependability and understanding of the sporting landscape make Paul Horvath an excellent choice for any sporting organisation”

Diana Taylor, President – Western Region Football League

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If you feel that you need legal advice regarding any of the above matters or just have a general enquiry please contact us on (03) 9642 0435 or email info@sportslawyer.com.au