the-advocateLawyer Paul Horvath’s heart beats to the Richmond Club Song.

When the AFL changed its disciplinary system in 2005 and allowed lawyers to represent players on tribunal night, Mr Horvath seized the opportunity and wrote to Tigerland to volunteer his services saying he was interested in the tribunal system and available if they needed help.

It still took the club another 12 – 18 months before it opted to use a lawyer instead of the usual players advocate.

In 2006, Mr Horvath was appointed the club’s AFL Tribunal legal counsel and found himself named in the match day staff section of the Tigers 2009 annual report.

“You feel like you are a cog in the wheel and you want to make a difference it is a bit of a responsibility and you try to get the best result in every case” he said “There is a bit of pressure involved and it is definitely rewarding having an involvement with the club and players and great to have a chat with some when you get a chance”

The Sportslawyer principal was born and spent his formative years in Richmond before the family moved to Darwin and then Canberra.

Mr Horvath played soccer at school and was attracted to water sports, particularly water polo, after turning 18.

However, in recent years he has picked up the oval ball with fellow lawyers in the annual solicitors versus barristers Frank Galbally cup and has played with the South Yarra Super Rules side for the past three years.

advocate-quoteDespite the few broken fingers he has suffered along the way, he still looks forward to pulling on his boots.

“There is modified tackling and you only play every second week and there are eight or nine matches a year” Mr Horvath explained.

“This year I was the tallest player so they stuck me in the ruck. It is fun and you get a different understanding of the game when you play it”

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