Tribunal and Disciplinary Proceedings

In sport, tribunals are often used as a specialist dispute resolution forum to resolve matters directly related to the rules and codes of the particular sport. Tribunals are usually less formal than courts and can be a faster way to resolve disputes.

Whilst a tribunal is not expected to act and run as a court of law, tribunals should provide parties with procedural fairness, follow the rules, and be transparent and impartial.

Most sporting bodies have tribunals which deal with enforcing their own rules and code of conduct.  These are not courts of law, but their decisions can have a lasting impact on a sporting person’s career.   Decisions can include (but are not limited to) suspending a player or coach for a period of time or permanently and monetary fines.

How can we help?

Our sports lawyers have extensive experience representing clients at various sporting tribunals.  It is important to remember that often evidence given at a disciplinary hearing / tribunal can be used in other matters brought before a criminal or civil court.  As such it is very important to get legal advice from a sports lawyer before attending and participating in a sports disciplinary matter.

We can provide advice and assistance in any sporting tribunal matter, including matters at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).  Please note that our sports lawyers are able to assist with any sporting matter in any location in Australia.