Sports Law Services

Anti Doping in Sport

The use of drugs in sport or “doping” has been the subject of significant media attention in recent times.

Generally, the use of any illicit substance or performance-enhancing drug in sport, or in a sporting context is prohibited.  The ban on illicit and performance enhancing drugs helps to promote “fair play” in both amateur and professional sport, to foster a healthy environment for the athletes, and to advance a “clean” public image.

Employment in Sport

In a sporting context, employment and labour law issues often arise in respect of sports employment contracts and terms, sports agent contracts, sports league rules, restraint of trade, transfers, salary caps, termination, grievance procedures and redundancies.

Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying

Every person who participates in sport has the right to be treated with respect and fairness in an environment that is safe.  Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying are damaging to everyone concerned as well as to the sport itself.

Litigation, Dispute Resolution and CAS

Sporting disputes can often be resolved by utilising internal tribunals and disciplinary procedures. In the event that they cannot be resolved internally these matters may require other forms of resolution including litigation in a Civil or Criminal court, or Arbitration through the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Racing Law

Whether you’re a Jockey, Trainer, Owner, Racing Club or Authority, when it comes to Racing Law you need a legal team that understands Racing Law to get the right results. An unexpected charge, or poorly handled complaint could have a devastating effect on your position and / or investment.

Tribunal and Disciplinary Proceedings

In sport, tribunals are often used as a specialist dispute resolution forum to resolve matters directly related to the rules and codes of the particular sport. Tribunals are usually less formal than courts and can be a faster way to resolve disputes.